The ocean and the night V
Franzi (2015)
The ocean and the night IV

The ocean and the night II

Tendresse I
Marilla (2014)
Firmament IV
Jenny (2013)
Summer Wind
Katharina (2013)
Neon on my naked skin III
Sina (2013)
Neon on my naked skin II

Miriam (2012)
Desertification IV
Kiki (2012)
Lisa (2012)
Little Red Riding Hood II
Margarita (2012)
Don't turn a blind eye
Anne (2012)
Inner eye

Out of the blue II
Gloria (2011)
Scintillement I
Nelly (2011)
Don't come closer as you can bear VI
Jen (2011)
Still cold in the shadow
Sissi (2011)
Cold Water I
Marie (2011)
Schneeweißchen III
Gloria (2010)
Pagan Poetry
Xuan, Hair & make-up: Anja Scharfi (2010)
Provencial dreams II
Provence (2010)
Wild elegance I
Kim, Hair & make-up: Carola Hickl, Dress: Irene Luft (2010)
Sissi (2009)
Eva (2009)
Fast forward
Daphne, Visa: Laura Abendroth (2009)
Amélie (2009)
Winter's blowball
Anna (2009)
In your forest,,
Von Kopf bis Fuß
Timo (2006)