Dance away IV
Su (2014)
Dance away I

You are the silence in between VII
Christina (2014)
You are the silence in between IV

Flying Fox I
Luba Lubinskaia (2014)
Autumn never ends IV

This magical land behind your eyes V
Zweifellos mondbetont (2013)
Long time ago I
Nina (2013)
But I've already given it all away a long time ago I

Moosmädchen II
Isabel (2013)
Monsters of the seven seas
Clara (2013)
Green hiding

Ups and downs

Take me with you to the sea II
Marie (2012)
Summer-sown and autumn-reaped II

No light, no light V
Mo (2012)
No light, no light II

Miriam (2012)
Interlocked II
Lilia (2012)
Interlocked I

Pocahontas' visit

Lisa (2012)
Schwarzer Schmetterling

The yellow sea III
Julia (2012)
Of queens and princesses II
Marlene (2012)
Out there is nothing
Diana (2011)
Pins and needles III
Gloria (2011)
Cirque de la lumière II
Nelly (2011)
Cirque de la lumière I

Sensuality VII
Lea (2011)
Sensuality IV

Rip into my heart I
Anka (2011)
Sissi (2011)
Gesine (2011)
Winterkinder V
Gloria (2011)
Winterkinder I

This is how the cookies crumble IV
Maria (2010)
Turn of the tide III

Turn of the tide II

In the fleeting light of a cloudy-sunny afternoon
Charlotte (2010)
Interim VII
Daphne, Hair & make-up: Anna Tsoulcha, Styling: Carina Musitowski (2010)
Honi soit qui mal y pense V

Venedig (2009)
Urban nature.
Karolina (2009)
Zaunkönigin 8
Anne (2009)
Her garden
Tell me your story...
Daphne, Visa: Laura Abendroth (2009)

Sissi (2009)
Come with me

Living in a tree house.
Anne (2009)
Miriam (2009)

Before summer came
Kristina (2008)
Another bunch of flowers
Sissi (2008)
Blaukraut, Brautkleid, ...
Kunigunde (2007)
Bishop's bride.
Eleisa (2007)
Where the wild roses grow

It's not easy being green